Study: A weekly 3 hour-walk will reduce the incidence of death in elderly men by 40 percent

A 30 minutes exercise 6 days  per week may  reduce the incidence of death in elderly men by 40 %, disclosed a new study.

The study discovered elderly men who are actively into physical exercises are doing better for their health as kicking the habit of smoking. Although, the results exhibit the health benefits in older men, younger people are also actually benefitted  from  this activity.

According to the study, men who exercised regularly lived five years longer than those who not not exercise at all. More time spent exercising, means lower risk of death, with the risk declining to 50%  for people who exercise for more than three hours per week.

The Norwegian School of Sports Sciences in Oslo did the research and published it in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

UK citizens are advised to do 150 minutes of activity which are moderate in nature like dancing, gardening, brisk walk, or 75 minutes of thorough exercise like running every week or aerobic dancing.

However, 3 out of 4 people in the UK could not do this.

The advantages of exercise include a reduced risk for diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Girls who do vigorous exercises at age 11 were discovered to have improved grades in science  years later. The new study was participated by 6,000 men who were categorized as reading or either watching TV, while light exercise includes cycling or walking for  four hours at least per week, which includes commuting.




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