Will microbes survive Mars’ sterile Environment


NASA isn’t taking any chances in delaying its planned manned trip to Mars. This early, it has contracted a company to start planning how to produce oxygen in Mars.

The present practice is to transport oxygen using space shuttles which occupies a lot of payload. It makes the space shuttle heavy and less cargo can be accommodated because of this.

Because of its proximity, the Red Planet is the first target for human habitation away from Earth.  Since man can’t survive without oxygen, he needs a lot of it. And the best way to solve this problem is to mass produce the oxygen right on the location. NASA has found a way how to make it possible.

.Instead of astronauts having to transport large tanks of oxygen, researchers have thought of using bacteria and algae instead of producing the oxygen.

Tech shot Inc., a US based NASA sponsored company, has come up with a special room that duplicates the harsh condition of Mars’ environment.

The Mars room, will have the same atmospheric pressure, temperature changes, and radiations emanating from the sun.

The room will be used by researchers, under the leadership of Eugene Boland, to study and evaluate a system that utilizes microorganisms such as algae and bacteria to make oxygen. They will be considered as oxygen producing factories.

This could prove beneficial to man’s mission to Mars without having to deal with oxygen canisters. It seems that the microorganisms are the best option right now. According to Boland.

Image: http://www.qubitbiology.com/

Additional info is available at: http://cdanews.com/2015/05/nasa-funds-project-to-manufacture-oxygen-in-mars/



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