Quasar foursome found at the edge of the universe has defied all existing scientific theories

Scientists have recently discovered a quasar foursome, a very rare and unique find. These quasars are lying in in a thick hydrogen cloud which make it even more something of a space anomaly. How can they possibly in this condition, is something that is unheard and unseen of up to now.

First of all the four quasars shouldn’t be there together at close proximity. Second, the hydrogen cloud’s origin is something that can’t be explained.

In light of this theoretical anomaly, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy astronomer Joseph Hennawi shares, “If you discover something which, according to current scientific wisdom should be extremely improbable, you can come to one of two conclusions: either you just got very lucky, or you need to modify your theory.”

The ultra-dazzling super space bodies which are packed close to each other, should be spread 650,000 light years apart from each other, which is the more normal way of things should be.

Hennawi continues, “On average, quasars are about 100 million light-years apart. The odds of finding four so close together are ten million to one.”

“You see, quasars are usually solitary and separated by hundreds of millions of light years. Only about 100 have been found to exist in pairs. Even rarer, though, only two sets of triplets have ever been discovered. And this, of course, is the very first set of four quasars.”

“And, again, they are packed together in the smallest space ever found to hold a set of quasars.”

He goes on to say, “The discovery is significant both because there are four of them, and because they are so close together. Extremely rare events have the power to overturn long-standing theories.” And this, of course, means that much more study must go into learning as much as possible about these four stars.

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