‘Irrational Man’ is Woody Allen’s 11th  film at the Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival on Friday saw the return of Woody Allen to showcase his latest film.

The film, “Irrational Man,” talks about the meaninglessness of life and confessed that dabbling in television was “a catastrophic mistake.”

“Irrational Man” is a drama set in Rhode Island  about an indespair academic, which stars  Joaquin Phoenix  as a flask-drinking philosophy professor who came to discharge his subject as “verbal masturbation.” As he contemplates a murder plot, ala- Dostoyevsky,  he befriends a young student played by Emma Stone.

he 79 year old veteran director/writer  is on his 11th film at the Cannes and he has always played out the opposition for he despised prizes for the art.

Due in the U.S. theaters on the 17th of  July,  “Irrational Man” received mixed reactions from the Cannes critics, Friday. For fans of Allen film,  the movie had many of his traditional stamps. Even if it was set in a new locality  for the director, “Irrational Man” depicts familiar struggles in finding the meaning of  life, a romantic entanglement with a younger woman and a general lightness of tone amid the probability of murder.

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Source: http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Woody-Allen-has-premiere-of-Irrational-Man-at-6265621.php



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