Antarctic would lose substantial ice shelf by 2020

The large ice shelf which partially disintegrated in 2002 are expected to be completely wiped out by the end of 2020. A mission carried out by the NASA conducted research on the large ice shelf that is about 1600 Sq. KM area and has thickness of about 500 meters.

The increasing global temperatures are having a massive impact on the largest ice beds of the world. The scientists are alarmed by the pace at which the changes are taking place that could potentially further increase the seal levels across the globe.

In 2002 NASA released a series of images that showed the drastic and substantial decrease in the Ice surface of different glaciers. The images further show that an entire section of the glacier collapsed and disappeared in to the sea.

The estimates on the life of the glacier are further reduced by a substantial crack that is running across the glacier and would eventually crack the entire glacier dumping thousands of tons of ice in to the sea. The climate changes have been significant changes on different species and habitat of the planet. The significant increase can be witnessed at the melting glaciers that have been exceedingly eroding to the increased temperatures.

The study also helped the scientists understand the impact of increasing temperatures have on the glaciers and how these glaciers are contributing to the increasing sea levels around the globe causing massive floods and harsh climates.


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