Rocket Crash: Russian Rockets Crashes Taking Down Mexican Satellite in Siberia

A Russian rocket carrying Satellite of a Mexican telecommunication company has crashed minutes after it crashed near the Siberia. The rocket lost contact within 8 minutes after launch causing a crash in Siberia.

The problem stemmed when the rocket entered in third stage of its flight. The rockets engine were supposed to propel the aircraft 110 miles in the atmosphere, which caused an emergency lockdown in engine. The aircraft is primarily used to carry satellite and other transportation in the space. The Mexican satellite was being carried at the request of Mexican authorities. The satellite was supposed to provide aid in humanitarian and communication efforts.

Authorities have expressed that further missions would not be carried out until the reason for the failure of the rocket could be investigated. Recently the Russian space agency Roscosmos has been experiencing several crashes, including the crash of the supply probe that was being sent to the international space station.

The Russian space agency is actively working to understand the cause of these crashes to avoid any incidents in to the future. The last probe mission’s crash also caused a delay in the NASA mission to send personnel to the International Space Station. Roscosmos is one of the most prominent and successful space agencies next to NASA.

Recent failures of the company has cast a very bad light on the space agencies, which has also caused significant increases in the cost associated with each mission that the space agency is carrying out.


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