Over-extended usage of antibiotics will result to long term serious health risks, Study

Health experts together with medical professionals have been advocating in the curbing of antibiotic prescribing. Major health issues linked to antibiotic consumption and antibiotic resistant ailment lead to long-term health diseases.
Antibiotics are the most commonly prescribed drugs to children. Studies have shown a profound short and long term side effects on the composition and diversity structure of bacteria in the human body, called microbiome.

Following the state where bacterial and viral initiated ailment become drug or antibiotic resistant, scientists are challenged in developing a more effective and more potent antibiotics. But, researches indicate towards extenuating antibiotic dependence for reduction of vulnerability to other long-term infections.

Last year,  George Washington, Cornell and Johns Hopkins University researchers found a common misconception.  That  patient still wants antibiotics, even if they are aware of the fact that antibiotics might not be the cure for an illness caused by  viral infection.

Increasing the dosage of the prescription drug does not solve the problem, but rather adds to the problem.

According to a  recent research printed in the journal Cell Host & Microbe, there is a  possibility of developing long-term health issues during adulthood in children and infants treated with antibiotics.

The study further records that the most commonly prescribed antibiotics lead to alteration of the gut bacteria in kids making them vulnerable to infectious illnesses, allergies, obesity and other autoimmune disorders, later in life.

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Source: http://food.ndtv.com/health/antibiotics-overuse-may-cause-long-term-ailments-to-your-child-763112



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