Your Handshake Will Say a lot About Yout Heart Condition

Everything we do now, especially in the field of health and medicine requires high tech devices in order to obtain the most accurate results. Researchers are considering a popular practice that men do that might work in predicting the condition of your heart, whether you are prone to attacks or not.

It’s about handshakes. A recent study involving about 40,000 participants with ages ranging from 35 to 70, coming from 17 countries revealed that the strength of the hand grip is a dependable gauge of death from many causes, most especially heart ailments.

The results were published in the Lancet.

“Grip strength could be an easy, inexpensive test to assess an individual’s risk of death and cardiovascular disease,” Dr. Darryl Leong, study author and assistant professor of medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, told Yahoo News. “Doctors or other health care professionals can measure grip strength to identify patients with major illnesses such as heart failure who are at particularly high risk of dying from their illness.

For every 11-pounddecrease in grip strength it was linked to a 16 percent  raise in in death due to any cause, 17 percent death linked to cardio vascular demise, and another 17 percent  additional danger for death in connection to heart disease. The results also alleged



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