A person’s determination to kick the habit of smoking is genetically “all in the mind”

Ex-smoker’s brain who successfully kicked  the habit is genetically compelled  to make them determined, said a research findings published in the Neuropsychopharmacology journal.

Brain regions, including one tangled in addiction, are connected in individual who manage to stop smoking than those who fail, scientists discovered.

Evidence shows that some people are better at overruling craving hints from the insula region of the brain that urge them to smoke.

Dr Merideth Addicott the lead scientist from Duke University in North Carolina, US, said: “Simply put, the insula is sending messages to other parts of the brain that then make the decision to pick up a cigarette or not.”

The researchers analyzed the test results of (MRI) or  brain scans of 85 people who smoke undertaken a month before their attempt at quitting.

Initially, all the smokers stopped, but 41 relapsed in  10 weeks were observed. The MRI brain scan of the 44 successful quitters displayed they have one thing in common, a great harmonized activity in the insula and somatosensory cortex brain part that is central to our touch and motor control senses.

The insula, the large segment in our brain’s cerebral cortex, is active when smokers crave cigars. Some studies have shown that damaged insula lose interest in smoking.

Another member of the Duke team, Dr Joseph McClernon said that “the insula is a key structure with respect to smoking and suggests that “targeting connectivity between insula and somatosensory cortex” may be a good strategy.

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