A 30 Minute Daily Exercise among the Elderly, will Reduce Cancer Risk and Injury by 40%

A new study shows that about 30 minutes of physical activity daily for the elderly can have significant boons for them in terms of increased age and about 40% decrease in the risk of cancer and injury.

Increased physical activity provides same level of benefits as quitting smoking or and eating healthy. Based on the study conducted on about 15,000 individuals, the study showed that light to vigorous physical activity of about 40 to 50 minutes can lower the risk of disease by 32 to 56 percent.

While any light activity carried for more than 30 minutes did not show any substantial health benefits as compared to the normal health of a person. Individuals who engaged in 30 to 40 minutes of vigorous physical activity had the tendency to live 5 years longer as compared to a normal individual.

Therefore it is highly beneficial for the elderly individuals in the society to engage in increased physical activity to ensure that they are able to lead healthier and fuller life in the long run. While those who tend to sit longer or lead a sedentary life have higher risk of cancer and other diseases.

Research also suggest that increased physical activity causes substantial improvement in the health and life style of the individuals. While the individuals with lower physical activity tend to have poor quality of life and have higher risk of health concerns and disease over the course of their life.



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