California Senate Passes Bill: All People Need Vaccination

The Californian senate passed a bill that reverses the exemption given to the parents who did not wish to be vaccinated based on their beliefs. The bill makes it compulsory for all the students to be vaccinated, therefore those individuals who wish to be vaccinated would have to choose the option of home schooling.

The exemption was awarded last year when about 100 children got sick due to the measles outbreak that initiated at Disney land. The senators lobbying for the bill stated that the exemption was causing health concern to the country due to a large number of parents not vaccinating their children.

In several areas of California vaccination have dropped due to the exemption granted that increases the risk of acquiring polio and measles. While most of the individuals are vaccinated in some areas the vaccination rate has dropped below 92% that increases the risk of health.

Parents who did not support the vaccination bill attended the hearing and even tried to stall the proceedings but the bill was successfully accepted in the senate with a large majority.

The senators said that it is vital for the individuals to be vaccinated in order to ensure continued immunity against the diseases like polio and measles and people not choosing to vaccinate may cause substantial risks to the people who have not been vaccinated.

The bill states that those children not vaccinated would have to be home schooled have to attend groups of private schooled individuals.



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