Celestial prospecting to be overseen by UN-style international regulating body

The idea of space travel is a dream for some individuals.  But some people take it to an extreme level.  They envision of someday mining the celestial bodies in space.

On a planetary and terrestrial mining symposium on Tuesday, scientists from NASA informed that lunar or asteroid prospecting is feasible to be  within our reach in a couple of decades from now.

At the annual convention of the Canadian Institute of Mining, the occasion tackled issues like outer space ownership and management of resources which is yet to be established.

One of the main stipulations is that no country can own anything in space.

A regulatory system, suggested by a Canadian geologist, is essential for future undertaking of mining in space.

The mining industry on Earth is regulated by an international committee under a United Nations canopy that sets standards in different countries, Joe Hinzer said

“I think that’s the kind of approach that might work for extraterrestrial stuff as well,” he said.

But, John Gruener, a planetary scientist of NASA, does not really expect prospecting in space to transpire any time soon.

He said, currently many space agencies are expending their attention and energy on small robotic missions towards the moon.

Gruener said, that they will probably happen in the near term, in 5 to 10 years time.

The missions will center on the  ice water that is already discovered in the lunar craters.

Gruener emphasized  “treasure trove” of lunar rovers are being developed by Canada that will be used to locate water-ice deposits.

Though, he added that the space-mining companies are in its budding stages for the time being and are still in the study phase  of considering if it would be economically viable.

Image: http://www.wired.com/

Source: http://www.ctvnews.ca/sci-tech/un-type-body-needed-to-administer-space-mining-nasa-scientist-1.2370752



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