Warm Blooded Fish: Opah, Discovered by Scientists

A fish called Opah has been discovered by the National Oceanic Administration, it is the first fish that circulates heated blood in its body.

The fish circulates heated blood in its body by constantly flapping its fins. The fish shows the similar warm blooded characteristics as birds and mammals. Unlike most of the fishes in the sea Opah has a thick layer of Fat that guards its pectoral muscles from the cold water.

Scientists attached trackers and other equipment on the body of fish to track its temperature and activity with in the cold water. Scientists found that no matter what the temperature of surrounding water was its temperature stayed about five degrees warmer than the surroundings.

Opah is able to dive deeper and stay in the depths longer due to its ability to circulate heated blood through its heart, while other fishes tend to require to come to surface in order to reheat their body. These fishes are primarily found in the temperate water. They are hard to trace and catch because they tend to avoid travelling in form of larger schools.

While there are some sharks and other fast moving fishes that have the ability to raise their temperature but of fish of this size and characteristics has never been known to have the ability to circulate warm blood in its body.

The oceans are one of the greatest human mysteries they still contain thousands of species that have not been discovered or scientist don’t know about.



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