A Growing Number of People are Spending more Time Online than in the Real World

Due to the rise in tablets and smartphones, people are doubling the time spent online than they did almost 10 years ago.

Internet users ages 16 and above spend more than 20 hours weekly online, which is double the quantity stated a decade ago.  The research forms part of Ofcom’s yearly report on Media Use and Attitudes, which discovered that the continuous growth of time spent online is the use of mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets.

Since the 2005 launched of the Ofcom report, the iPhone was launched, which has forged the way for an innovative generation of smart phones which promotes faster web browsers, comparable to that of a desktop computer.

The invention of faster data networks like 3G and 4G also made the web easily available, likewise, the emergence of tablet pc, and the current wearables.

Since the launched of the Ipad in 2010, the number of people using this device increase by 30% more.  Smartphone users who joined in the undertaking of this study has also doubled in five years time,  from 30% in 2010  to 66% in 2015.

Stuart Miles, the gadget guru and founder of website technology Pocket-lint.com said Facebook and Twitter, also play a role in herding more users to go online longer.  Social media users over 16 years of age, has tripled during 2007 from 22% to 72%.

Technology manufacturers launched new products on a regular basis and internet-enabled devices demand has risen.  Combined with steady price dive as competition amplify,  some table and smart phones can be availed with wi-fi capability already, and priced at less than £100 today.

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