Twitter Needs To Exert More Effort to Solve Harassment Issues

In order for the main objectives not to wander away from the platform this year, essential policies should be made to fulfill these goals.

The women action media says it is difficult to ward off harassment.

Last year, a team which is also known as WAM was formed by Twitter. They were chosen to report any harassment cases to Twitter, the group were able to gather a total of 811 harassment goals. The report that was distributed today by the WAM says that Twitter’s system can effortlessly be gamed.

One of the main problems that were reported today was that those who had been harassed should have presented a report against them but the WAM has also established the Tweet and Delete through which numerous bad actors browse freely.

Additional finding by WAM is known as the dogpiling in which various users make various accounts and send loads of reports to the person humiliating from various accounts.

To take note of what is significant to the study, start using twitter because it’s a good place to start good observations. The 811 reports that were submitted by WAM imply that Twitter needs to do more work to solve these problems.





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