Indian Cricket Authority Playing Games To Avoid Pakistan Cricket Tour

Every time The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) needs support from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) there is agreement on almost all scenarios and the prospects seem better than relations with any other board or country. But, as soon as the objective is achieved the attitude of the BCCI turns all so selfish leaving the PCB stunned as always.

In the recent history, BCCI considered the PCB a part of the Big 4 of the International Cricket Council’s executive committee to ensure their support, a lot of promises were made and MOUs signed. The BCCI desperately needed the support of the PCB in order to pass the new execution to enhance its share in global cricket revenues and commanding a lions share from ICC events. Offering lucrative returns to other boards and the the cash starved PCB was a no-brainer for all boards to agree and follow the footsteps of the Indian Board. The BCCI however did add a clause in its agreement with the PCB which included 6 bilateral tours; the clause was the agreement of the Government of India before each tour.

With the recent visit of the PCB chief to India to progress the first of the 6 tours as signed in the MOU and relations between the two governments improving, the BCCI came up with a new angle which left the PCB all in the wilderness. The PCB having sold their telecasting rights to Ten Sports for a mind blowing $150 million primarily due to the tours involving India was not acceptable to India as they have an ongoing rift with the Ten Sports (Zee TV) Corporation and have asked the PCB to either shift the tour to India or change its televising partners. The PCB will once again need to bare the brunt of the losses to honor these requests with either a lawsuit from Ten Sports or revenue sharing agreement with the BCCI for this series.

Its not always in the open but the BCCI has always made it difficult for Pakistan to keep up with its finances and such last minute requests make this assumption more realistic.


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