Vitamin B3 To Eliminate Skin Cancer

Research has shown positive results for the individuals who have increased risk of common types of skin cancer. Studies were carried out on a group, who were required to take a common and inexpensive type of Vitamin B3 pill twice a day. The results showed that subjects who took the vitamins had 23% lesser chance of developing skin cancer.

The lead scientist carrying out the research expressed that the Vitamin is completely safe and does not carry any side effects. The test have shown such a promising results that the drug can be made available across the nation without any risk.

The team would be presenting the results of the rest at Annual Oncology Society meeting. This year the conference is expected to present about 5,000 studies carried out by different organizations over the globe.

In addition to providing the patients with increased security against the skin cancer, the vitamins also didn’t carry any substantial risks to the health and all traces were extinguished from the subjects when the people stopped taking the Vitamin drugs.

The study presents a very important finding in understanding and working on the cures for the disease that can save millions of lives around the world. The vitamin treatment is also safer and inexpensive as compared to the other alternatives available on the market.

These kinds of studies continue to improve the understanding of different diseases and help scientists create a cure for the affected.


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