LightSail Space Craft Ready for Launch

The idea of a space craft designed on the concept of a sail ship was first introduced by the late astronomer Carl Sagan about 40 years ago. The idea has taken the shape of reality in form of LightSail. The aircraft would be tested in flight for the first in this year.

The technology if successful would drastically reduce the cost of space travel and would enable the space crafts to travel farther and faster as compared to the current technology available at the disposal of the space agencies around the world. The technology could help the Human race realize the dream of inter-universe travel.

The project has been developed by an NGO called Planetary Society. The NGO has been trying to raise the funds for the testing and further development of the technology. Scientists believe that the sail based aircraft would be able to travel farther due to the constant acceleration provided by the particles in the space.

The technology would be tested using a prototype that would be launched on 20 May called Atlas V. on this test the aircraft would not be leaving in to space but would rather stay close to earth’s atmosphere and would test the aircrafts ability to unfurl its sails in the space.

The expedition would use two aircrafts one would take the photographs of the Atlas V plane. The spacecraft contains about 345 Sq. Ft of sails that would enable it to utilize the photon particles in the space to propel itself.


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