NASA’s revolutionary fuel-less thruster system may just help solve the problem of climate change

Imagine a futuristic world of high speed  fuel-less thrust system capable of conveying you to far flung universe at the speed of light.  Fact or too fantastic to be true?

Last week, the scientific world was abuzz with excitement on a British invention, the emDrive, that utilizes microwaves to impetus through space without the necessity for conventional fuel. But then Nasa declared that though it is testing similar machineries, it has not had any actual success with them yet.

“While conceptual research into novel propulsion methods by a team at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston has created headlines, this is a small effort that has not yet shown any tangible results. NASA is not working on ‘warp drive’ technology,”  said NASA officials to

What makes the emDrive so stimulating,  but highly improbable, said many scientists, is that it seems to violate the fundamental laws of physics. A transportation powered  with it will supposedly be able to propel far through the galaxies because the device  will generate more energy than it utilizes, in violation of the conservation of energy law, that says energy cannot ever be created.

Tests conducted  claim to show that the energy can really deliver what it claims it can do, which claims that the technology may be highly viable. But quirks of the test, scientists say, like testing chamber leaks or the effect of Earth, may be responsible for the unusual results.





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