Russian Spacecraft Fails To Launch Resulting In Delay Of Crew Reaching ISS

The US space agency has postponed the launch for the new crew in the space station to the July due to the failure and loss of unmanned resupply ship sent by the Russian government. The failure has caused the Russian and US agencies to decide a different date for the launch of their respective aircrafts to the ISS.

The launch was previously decided to be carried out in about mid of the May but the latest disaster has forced both the agencies to reconsider the data of the launch. The new crew would have adopted the duties of manning and managing the International Space agency. Both countries Russia and NASA contribute to the join management of the space station.

The new mission would be launched after the Russian agency successfully launches the resupply vehicle to the planet. International space stations provides assistance and support to the aircrafts sent on expedition by different countries.

The space station acts as a sole station in the space that provides support and a gathering spot for all the data collected by different probes and expeditions launched mainly by NASA and other space agencies around the world.

NASA occasionally changes the crew members on the space station to provide support to the previous crews. The space agency is jointly managed by the Russian space agency Roscosmos and NASA. Both countries provide support and assistance to the space agencies in technical terms as well as manpower.


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