FDA To Lift Ban Over Gay Blood Donation

It’s been 32 years since the FDA imposed restrictions over the gay and bisexual men from donating blood at any time of their life. The FDA has decided that in light of the new medical advances and understanding of the sexual preference the ban would be ended across the nation.

In the new guidelines released by Federal Drug authorities those individuals who have had sex with other men would be prevented from donating blood in light of the increased risk of HIV, while other gay men would be able to donate blood.

However the gay community criticized the decision regarding the gay men abstaining from sex in order to be able to donate blood. If the new policy is implemented US would be in the list of those counties who require Gay men abstaining from sex for a year to be eligible to donate blood.

Many of the medical research organizations and scientists have released statements saying that the life time ban based on the sexual orientation of the individual is unjustified and unnecessary. The new advances in HIV and research show different results.

The ban was originally enforced in an era when the HIV epidemic was not understood completely and was intended to protect the people from acquiring such diseases. The current questionnaire requires the men to answer question if they had sex with any other man since 1977, but the revises guidelines would reduce the period to only 12 months.


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