Samsung Uncovers the latest ‘Internet of Things’ Push

Samsung Electronics Company disclosed a set of innovations to goad more organizations to add computing power to regular gadgets, like light bulbs, fitness trackers, drones and security cameras.

Samsung is additionally offering software and related services to help configure new gadgets and connect them to the Web.

One of three introductory Artik boards, almost the size of a ladybug, has a Samsung chip with dual processors, Bluetooth wireless connection and different other highlights.

The board, intended for applications such as smartwatches, would be sold for less than USD10, according to Young Sohn, president and chief strategy officer.

The biggest board, about the measure of two postage stamps next to each other, incorporates basically all the features of a Samsung smartphone, including an eight-processor chip, 32 gigabytes of data storage and video capabilities.

Samsung said it is likewise intended to upgrade the organization’s own particular products, including TVs, home appliances and smartphones.

Up to this point, Mr. Sohn said, every Samsung product division commonly picked its own particular chips and software to include features such as computing and communications.

“We have lots of stuff to connect,” stated Yoon Lee, vice president of Samsung’s smart home and digital appliance business.

Samsung, other than assembling TVs and smartphones, is the biggest producer of memory chips and makes processors utilized as a part of some of its smartphones.

The organization had flagged enthusiasm for the ‘Internet of Things’ by its purchase a year ago of SmartThings, a U.S. startup that developed various connected devices alongside an online service to help the device to communicate.

SmartThings, which Samsung operates as an independent subsidiary situated in Silicon Valley, is a key piece of the Korean organization’s strategy to make a neutral platform for the Internet of Things.

Its cloud service is designed to help interconnect gadgets from numerous different organizations, including Samsung competitors that favor different chips or software.

Alex Hawkinson, who was Chief Executive Officer of SmartThings and keeps on running the unit, said the impartial policies  reach out to obliging Samsung developers and those at different organizations to utilize the same software tools.

Has declared a variety of new chips and small circuit boards for utilization in wearables and other developing gadget sorts.





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