Molecule-Based Vaccines use the Body’s Autoimmune Sytem to Combat Drug Resistant Viruses

The global pharmaceutical giant and the research organizations have established a center that is working to develop drug that can eradicate the disease from the human race. Scientists have carried out research for years and have arrived to the conclusion that the antibiotic resistance disease are increasing at an alarming rate in African and Asian countries. These disease pose a huge threat to the global health.

The researchers have been analyzing the dormant HIV viruses to develop a vaccine that can cure immune system disease and destroy the risk of remission completely. GSK has established a center entirely dedicated to discovering the cause and cure of the disease and would contain a small number of dedicated researchers. The scientists would be working on the shock and kill treatment that has shown promise in defending against the virus.

The researches in Canada have found a molecule that can alter the genetic makeup of HIV virus making it vulnerable to the immune system. The researcher believe that the virus is evolving to take shape of drug resistant typhoid, the conclusion was drawn after the team conducted research on sample from 60+ countries around the world.

The new chain of viruses have caused the complications in the treatment of the disease forcing the doctors to use more expensive and less readily available drugs. The increasing drug resistance capabilities of the viruses mainly stem from the patients not take the recommended dosage of the medicine prescribed by the doctors.


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