Sea Levels rising at alarming rates

Studies conducted throughout the world by scientists show that sea levels are rising faster than expected against the belief that after the increase the sea levels would continue to fall in the coming decade.

The studies carried out in the previous years showed that the sea levels were rising at about .06 per years. But in 2014 the sea levels rose much slower as compared to the previous years the cause of the decline in the sea levels is unknown.

But the latest data has revealed that the studies of sea levels conducted through the satellite images fails to incorporate the changing height of earth’s surface due to several natural caused known as Land motion.

Due to the huge meltdown of ice in the northern hemisphere the water levels are rising at an alarming rate. But the decrease weight of ice on the land has also caused the crust level to rise in these locations after being weighed down by millions of tons of ice.

The latest study takes this earth’s motion in account to present more accurate and reliable data, which reveals that the sea levels are rising by about 2.9 MM per year. Which reveals the rate of sea level rise has increased rather than decreased as the scientists previously believed this is an alarming situation that is resulting as a direct consequence of the global warming and environment deterioration.

The new study points to the substantial impact that the human race has over the rising sea levels and extreme temperatures around the world.


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