Probe Detects magnetic field around the planet Mercury

The aircraft sent by NASA called Messenger has spent four years orbiting the planet and collecting all the information that the scientists require to unravel the mysteries of the hottest planet in the solar system. The air craft continued to provide data until the last moment that it crashed onto the surface of the planet. The crashing aircraft was able to analyze and detect a magnetic pull, which has been suspected to exist in the planet.

Scientist believe that the mercury has the oldest magnetic field in the solar system and at one point of time it was 100 times greater than the planet earth. Mercury is the smallest and hottest planet in the solar system due to its proximity to the planet earth. The small planet does not have any viable atmosphere that causes substantial shifts in the temperature.

Most of the magnetic pull that the planet experience is due to its proximity to the sun but the planet also possesses a liquid core the forms about 85% of the size of the planet. Unfortunately the aircraft mercury crashed before it could completely analyze the weak magnetic pull of the planet.

Despite studying the planet for about four years the scientists are still unclear about many of the mysteries that the planet poses to them. Messenger air craft was able to collect a huge collection of the date that would shed some light over the mysteries of the plant would not be able to completely unravel them.


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