Microwave oven mystery: Keeps experts guessing for almost 17 years

An Australian 17 year old mystery at the observatory has been finally solved.

It was in 1998, when the first noted radio signals, which they called perytons, were observed by astronomers at Parkesh Observatory,  reported the Guardian.

The astrophysics head at the CSIRO national science agency, Simon Johnston,  said the signals were inside a five kilometer range of the telescope.

The team presumed that the signals were generated  from lightning strikes or some other atmospheric phenomena.

Yet, last January of this year, when a new receiver for monitoring of  interference was installed at the facility, it  detected  signals consistent with that of a microwave.

The team said that initial test with the microwave did not immediately exhibit results, until they unfastened the door of the microwave before it was finished with its heating.

“If you set it to heat and pull it open to have a look, it generates interference,” the Guardian was told by Johnston.

Although the telescope is remotely operated, the facility only has a number of staff at daytime, utilizing the microwave to heat their food.

The “perytons” were only observed during daytime, and never at night, when the staff  were not on duty, Johnson added.

Image: http://builtinmicrowaveoven.com/

Source: http://technology.iafrica.com/news/992830.html



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