This Time It’s George Zimmerman’s Turn to Get Shot


If you don’t remember, George Zimmerman was the former neighborhood self-proclaimed watch volunteer who fatally shot an unarmed Trayvon Martin in 2012. This time it was his turn to get shot.

According to the authorities, the shooting happened around 12:45 PM by a man who had made accusation against Zimmerman for threats and stalking. This happened in a small town in Lake Mary, Florida, just near Orlando. The shooter was identified by the police as Matthew Apperson, according to as news report by a local NBC affiliate, WESH.

Don West, Zimmerman’s lawyer, narrated that Zimmerman did not suffer any bullet wound injury but was hit by flying glass as a result. The bullet hit the passenger’s side window of Mr. Zimmerman’s pickup truck. A passing motorist shot made the shot. This is according to TMZ, a celebrity gossip and entertainment website.





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