Mars Rover Tweets Amazing Blue Sunset

The NASA rover has been collecting data and images over the red planet since it landed. Last week the rover captured a serene scene of sun setting and casting a peaceful blued hue over the horizon. The scene looks stunning and masks the harshness and rocky terrain of the planet.

The rover captured the amazing image using the camera mounted on its mast. The image looks even more stunning because of the abandoned look of the scene. The scientist use the rover to observe the setting and rising of sun to analyze the dust storms and their consistency in the atmosphere.

The scene has a blue tinge to it. Scientists explain that the blue light filters through the dust particle to create the serene scene. Mars does not have blue skies rather its sky looks red from the planet’s surface. While the sunsets on earth have the red and yellow colors prominent in them, the sunsets on Mars have a blue tinge due to the added dust in the atmosphere of the planet.

The Mars Rover landed on the planer in August 2012, it has been collecting data to understand the atmosphere and rock formations of the planet. The curiosity rovers has captured some amazing photos and collected valuable samples, which are playing the key part in understanding the plant and its environment.

Mars has shown traces of bacteria and water in its rock formation. The planet has a very identical but harsher environment as compared to the planet earth.


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