Video Games and Pornography Induce ‘Masculinity Crisis’


London: According to a new study, addiction to video games and pornography is leading to “masculinity crisis”.

Phillip Zimbardo of Stanford University conducted a comprehensive study into the lives of 20,000 men and their connections to video games and porn.  The Independent reported that their focus is on young men who plays video games for long hours and who do so when they are alone.

Zimbrado added that since these men are playing too much video games and watching at least two hours of porn per week, there is a “crisis” among them, a large number of whom are experiencing a “new form of addiction”.

He noted that playing video games for long hours begins to alter the reward center of the brain and creates some kind of stimulation and obsession, resulting in brains becoming digitally renewed.

He also stated that there is an emerging problem of an unclear phenomenon called “porn-induced erectile dysfunction or PIED” where in boys who are supposed to be masculine are having problems on getting an erection.

In his outlook, the answer is to accept that the problem is severe and parents should be more aware on the number of hours a child is spending alone in his room watching porn and playing video games at the deprivation of other activities.

There should be better sex education in schools, which should focus not only on biology and security, but also on emotional, physical, and romantic aspects.

Zimbardo has created the arguments in his latest book ‘Man (Dis) Connected.’





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