Underwater Robots Can Think

MIT has designed a robot with artificial intelligence that possesses the cognitive abilities to understand and adjust according to the requirements of the mission. Current technology is not flexible and requires a large amount of scripting and computer commands to accomplish a simple task.

The new technology would enable the robots to make their own adjustments under water without any input from the human operator. All that engineers would have to do is input the list of goals and the robot would understand and accomplish those goals using its own systems.

If the robot fails to accomplish the task due to some hurdle it would try to adjust the hardware to accomplish the task or move on to the next task on the list. This new technology would make it easier for the engineers and scientist to explore the depths of the sea without any issues or problems.

Currently the scientist use the satellites orbiting around the planet to communicate with the robots, but these signals cannot penetrate deep within the ocean limiting the use and effectiveness of the robots. The new technology would eliminated this problem providing the users with better access to the robots.

The technology can prove a breakthrough that would enable the scientists to understand the depths of the seas and uncover mysteries that have been alluding mankind. The sea still contains thousands of undiscovered creatures that could develop and improve our understanding of the planet.


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