Ebola Virus Continues to Live in the Eye

Scientists have been studying the Ebola survivors to learn about the different consequences of suffering from the disease. The researchers found that surviving patients still carried a live colony of virus in the fluids of their eyes. But despite the presence of the virus doctors believe that I cannot pass due to casual contact from one person to another.

But despite the inability of the virus to change host is becomes necessary to undergo a set of treatments to be completely free of the ailment. These studies have highlighted the importance of post infection care to ensure that the patient completely recovers and the spread of the virus can be curtailed.

Several studies have been carried out on the patients recovering from the horrendous disease, one such patient a 43 years old male subject who showed added pressure in his eye. Ebola patients are known to have several health issue even after the virus has been completely eradicated from the patient.

The treatment of Ebola becomes even trickier due to its virulent tendency. It can easily spread through blood or other fluids that are discharged from the body. Several doctors and medical staff that work closely with the Ebola patient also carry the additional risk of exposure to the disease.

Recent researches and studies have shown that it’s important to keep close watch over the disease to prevent its remission in the patients and the staff treating those patients.


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