More American seniors find it convenient using mobility device: gives them freedom of movement

American senior citizens does not believe age would hinder them from moving around. About one fourth of them get by through the aid of mobility devices , a study had revealed.

Based on an interview among 7,600 Medical beneficiaries  , the use of such mobility devices had increased up to 50 percent on an eight year time . Researchers discovered that 10 percent of them don’t only use one mobility device.

Experts think this noticeable increase may be linked to senior citizens now being aware of the need to keep moving .

A study lead author Nancy Gell, an assistant professor of rehabilitation and movement science at the University of Vermont said  “It may also be that these devices are just more socially acceptable, Or that changes in the environment have improved accessibility for those who use them. Or that as people live longer there is simply more disability, and a growing need.”

She said that in her study, she discovered adults who are 65 and up have mostly been using mobility device which shows an increase from 16 percent to 24 percent during  2004 to 2014.

A geriatric medicine fellow at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston , Dr. Lauren Gleason said the sudden increase is a bit unexpected.

“But people are living longer. And there’s also more community knowledge about the risk of falling, which might have led to a greater acceptance of devices,” she said.

Gleason said it may also be a result of seniors having to live in the community as they grow older . “That means fewer are entering nursing homes, but it also means more are probably living at home with higher disability and more need for help,” she added.

Gell and her colleagues examined their gathered datas from May 6 which was published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society . It showed that in their records between 2011 and 2012 , the interviewed senior citizens had never been sent to nursing homes .

The cane is most commonly used by more than 16 percent ot the seniors and only 2 percent use the scooter to move around . Women are most likely known to use mobility device than men including blacks , Hispanic and the obese .




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