4 billion years old magnetic field on Mercury

NASA’s messenger in its latest mission revealed that the mercury’s magnetic field is about 4 billion years old earning the title of the older Magnetic field in the solar system. The data was collected and corrected by sending a probe in the close proximity of the planet.

Scientist revealed that they were able to detect extremely weak magnetic fields in the rock that have been magnetized in very ancient times. The probes made some very low altitude flights near the planet to collect all the required data.

The study highlighted the key importance that ancient rock beds provide in understanding the history and inception of the planet. The Probes were also able to detect the remnants from Vector Magnetic Field in the crust of Mercury’s orbital rocks.

The researchers believe the planer contains a molten core of iron that serves in creating strong magnetic fields around the planet. Mercury is about 2,440 KM wide, which makes it one of the smallest planets in the solar system.

The Mercury’s magnetic field came in to notice after the NASA Mariner was able to detect strong magnetic pull from the planet while passing by. NASA messenger was the first probe that successfully completed the orbit of the planet and acquired key data about its structure, magnetic field and environment.

These types of data can be valuable in understanding the mysteries of the universe that have so far evaded the mind of scientist around the world.


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