Pros vs Artificial Intelligencer Square Off In Las Vegas-style Poker Tournament.

Worried about robot mutiny?   Rest assured, for now, we beat them in poker, though they beat us at chess.  Two contenders, human intelligence versus artificial intelligence were pitted against each other in a competition between the Carnegie Mellon University’s Claudicio program and 4 of the world’s best poker players.  The humans won, but not by much.

In a two-week duration,  80,000 hands competition held at Rivers Casino the humans earned a $732,713 collective lead against the robot. Considering the total $170 million on the table, the victory was not deemed “scientifically reliable” or “statistically significant”.  In other words, the difference was slim enough to be reckoned a statistical tie.

“We knew Claudico was the strongest computer poker program in the world, but we had no idea before this competition how it would fare against four Top 10 poker players. It would have been no shame for Claudico to lose to a set of such talented pros, so even pulling off a statistical tie with them is a tremendous achievement,” according to the good CMU computer science professor and director on Claudico development, Tuomas Sandholm.

When all the chips were summed up, Bjorn Li garnered $529,033, Doug Polk won $213,671, Dong Kimhad had $70,049 and Jason Les lagged behind Claudico by $80,482. All four humans belong to the top ten rank worldwide in a two player, No-limit Texas Hold’em poker game.

Li said,

“We know theoretically that artificial intelligence is going to overtake us one day. However, at the end of the day, the most important thing is that the humans remain on top for now.”

Each poker player sat for 20,000 hands alongside Claudico. Although there was no money involved that changed hands during the game, each of the 4 player will receive appearance fees of $100,000.

“Thanks to online stream, pros had fans rooting for them from all the world over throughout the challenge, in addition to local players visiting our gaming floor. It has been very exciting seeing this unfold over the last two weeks, and it was a pleasure partnering with Carnegie Mellon University and host these outstanding players,” said GM Craig Clark of Rivers Casino.


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