Women Rights high on Hillary’s Agenda

While addressing the annual Women of the World Summit, Hillary expressed her struggle and will to continue to work for the women’s eight. Clinton further exclaimed that the job is far from finished and the women around the world have to work hard to protect their rights, she further said that she believes it is the best time to be born as a women.

The audience mostly consisted of young girls. Commentators and political analysts believe that the women rights are going to be the selling point for the Hillary’s campaign for the elections, which became her identity after the historic address that she gave in 1995 addressing the similar gathering. Many believe that the speech started a new era for the women rights campaign.

She believed that it is unacceptable that women it USA are not entitled to paid leaves. She further said that the US government needs to take action to provide child care benefits and make it safer for the women to work in men dominated society.

She was greeted by a standing ovation from a highly receptive audience. Hillary delivered an exceptional speech that painted a world where women could have equal rights and stand against the atrocities of terrorism and violence.

Using her powerful speech quality Hillary has been garnering support for her campaign throughout the country. But the elections are not isolated events and a lot factors may come in to play that would challenge her mantle.


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