Routinary activities at bedtime help children sleep

A new study has revealed that unchanging routine of young kids during bedtime assists them to sleep better and longer.

And researchers also found that the children exhibited a better behavior at daytime.

A multi-national survey was conducted among more than 10,000 mothers and was calculated to scrutinize the connection between a bedtime routine,  those activities that transpired just before lights out,  and how well a child sleeps.

It was discovered that a regular bedtime routine was interrelated with attaining early bed habits of children, reduced incidence of night waking and longer sleeping.

There were also fewer sleep problems encountered and fewer daytime behavioral difficulties.

Mothers of 10,085 youngsters ages five and under in 14 nations worldwide, including Great Britain participated in the infant and/or child sleeping habit questionnaire.

The association between outcomes of better sleep and a regular bedtime routine was found in both largely Asian and largely Caucasian cultural areas.

The researchers were able to come up with a conclusion of their study, as stated in the Sleep journal.  “Results indicate that having a regular nightly bedtime routine is associated with improved sleep in young children, and suggests that the more consistently a bedtime routine is instituted and the younger started the better.”

The lead author and principal investigator, Jodi Mindell, who is a psychology professor at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and the Asso. Dir. of the Sleep Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, stated on Mail Online, “Creating bedtime routine for a child is a simple step that every family can do.  It can pay off to not only make bedtime easier, but also that a child is likely to sleep better throughout the entire night.

Mindell added, “For each additional night that a family is able to institute a bedtime routine, and the younger that the routine is started, the better their child is likely to sleep.”

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine mentioned that an affirmative bedtime routine involves a routine of soothing activities. These can include a relaxing bath, brushing of teeth and reading of bedtime story.





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