Alvarez dispatches Kirkland Easily in Third Round and Wants Cotto Next

Saul Alvarez has continued his winning ways by knocking out game but greatly over-matched fighter James Kirkland. The Mexican middle weight registered his 45th win over the American by carving out a third round knockout in Houston, Texas.

We will remember that Alvarez’ only loss was at the hands of the undefeated champion Floyd Mayweather in 2013.

He sent the 31 year old American fighter crashing to the canvass during the 1st round and a couple more on the 3rd round.

Alvarez, with his emphatic win, is hoping to fight the Puerto Rican, Miguel Cotto, who is the current middle weight champion of the WBC, within this year.

“I did not see the punch coming that knocked me out,” said Kirkland, 31.

Kirkland fell on his back after being hit by the knockout punch just seconds after standing up from the first knockdown.

“I was a little worried about him but as soon as I found out he was OK, I started celebrating again,” said Alvarez.

Cotto on the other hand is hard on training at the moment for his coming fight this June depending his crown against Daniel Geale, an Australian boxer, in New York on June 6.

Alvarez wants Cotto’s crown in a pay per view match this coming autumn. He was former champion of both the WBA and WBC.

“It’s a fight that’s a natural one and of course I would fight him,” he said. “I’m ready to fight the best. I’m willing to fight anybody.”






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