Fearless Predicition: Mars Manned Trip Will Happen 15 Years from Now, Bolden

NASA’s agency chief announced that after years of preparation the agency has finally prepared a roadmap that would aid the first successful expedition to the planet Mars. He expressed that the plan was completed after the deliberations.

NASA revealed that plan was completed and is affordable and sustainable. NASA also conducted experiments about the effect of prolonged presence of humans in space, the experiment lasted for about a year. The Plan to send first human expedition to the planet mars would be completed by 2030.

As part of the plan Human 2 Mars the space agency has also developed an aircraft called Orion that would carry its human occupants to the red planet. The air craft would contain a newly developed launching system as well.

The Aircraft was tested in last December, which was successfully conducted and has been coined as a step forward in the right direction towards reaching red planet.

NASA decided to send two humans to the Mars by 2021. Other agencies other than NASA are also working to reach the red planet. An organization called Mars One has been actively working to colonize the red planet.

NASA needs to update its aircraft design and develop new technologies to enable the humans to breathe and successfully sustain the environment of the planet Mars. NASA has launched a summit to take suggestion from the world-renowned intelligent brains of the world, the summit is expected to run till May 7.

Image: http://www.futuretimeline.net/


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