Women Power: For ESA astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti, It might be more than just drinking a cup of space-espresso

The European Space Agency or ESA astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti, the first ever Italian women to venture into space, sipped a cup of coffee brewed on board the ISS. This alternative concept of being able to suck beverages or fluids out of a bag, is used in the innovative designed microgravity cups as part  of the study for better understanding of the physics of fluid. Cristoforetti is keeping a log of daily videos, photographs and insights about the life in orbit.

Posts of Cristoforetti and five other astronauts aboard the space station gives a visual description of their experiments and activities. Many of these are meant to promote science, nutrition and fitness as part of the future mission promoting  science.

Cristoforetti is involved in educational activities including conducting questionnaire surveys to students in relation to pertinent topics likes space technology together with alternative food sources. As the experts said, the espresso coffee experiment was conducted for science, generally as it was for education.

“Until Sunday, we didn’t know exactly how hot fluids under high pressure reacted in the low-gravity environment of the ISS”, the Italian space agency ASI president, Roberto Battiston declared.

The Italian engineering and software firm Argotec,  in cooperation  with ASI and Lavazza coffee company created the ISS espresso machine, hence coining the term ISSpresso. Expert Dr. Weislogel together with his teammates designed a cup that sets up a capillary connection which is comparable to the wicking of water thru a paper towel thereby allowing the drinker to access the liquid.

Experts say, a possibility of the findings of the experiment can  provide data essential for a number of practical presentations like getting the last drop of fuel out of a tank.

Image: http://blogs.nasa.gov/

Source: http://americanlivewire.com/2015-05-08-samantha-cristoforetti-sips-coffee-from-the-first-ever-brewed-coffee-on-iss/


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