WHO: Latest addition to the mandatory medicine list

World Health Organization released an updated list of the Mandatory off the shelf medicine. The newer list has the Hepatitis C medicine. The disease has been known to claim about half a million lives worldwide. The directory General of WHO exclaimed that it’s compulsory to make sure that people get access to the proper medicine when the need arises.

The Compulsory medicine list is updated every two years by a group of researchers, pharmaceutical experts and doctors. The committee concentrates on the emerging diseases and the drugs that have proven to be most effective against those diseases.

Hepatitis affects the mid and low economy countries more and is mainly known to be caused by infected water and drug abuse. The pharmaceutical companies have worked on improving treatments and have developed better medicine that increase the treatment chances while lowering the side-effects and risk to the patient’s health.

The Directory general further commented that the list is supposed to be a starting point to be used as a guidance and countries can add their own items in the list based on the conditions in the country to improve the effectiveness of the list.

All the drugs included in the list are thoroughly researched and tested and only those drugs are added to the list which are deemed to be safe and offer improved health to the patients. The drugs on the list also contain the fewer side-effects as compared to other drugs available on the market.


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