CO2 emissions reach highest levels in History

Carbon dioxide makes the most of the greenhouse gases. The carbon dioxide has reached the highest levels in the history of the earth. The carbon dioxide levels have reached 400 parts per million. The rising levels have reached disturbing levels because of the high influx of green gases in the environment.

The main reason of increasing Carbon dioxide is due to burning excess fossil fuel by the human population around the world. Data has revealed that Carbon dioxide levels are increasing at a drastic pace and pose a threat to Earth’s environment.

The researchers further revealed that the Carbon dioxide are subjected to the seasonal variation, the levels increase their highest in the May and fluctuate to the lower side in spring season due to the increased plant activity.

The researchers have revealed that Carbon dioxide levels have escalated to higher scales after the industrial revolution in 1980. During the earlier centuries it took decades and eons to get the level of increase that we have experience in the past 35 years.

The director of NOAA has revealed that to cut the co2 levels to the acceptable scale the world at large would have to decrease consumption of fossil fuel. Fossil fuel emission need to be cut by about 80% to reduce the co2 levels to acceptable scale.

The increasing global warming and harsh weather are resulting as a direct result of emission of greenhouse gases in the environment.


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