Pakistan beat Bangladesh, disastrous tour finally ends!

It seems as if Bangladesh finally gave-in to their own ruthlessness and had some sympathy towards their ex-countrymen. Pakistan rounded-off their tour of Bangladesh with a series winning victory achieving a score line of 1-0. But the score line is not a true reflection of how the series went, coming back from a 300 run deficit in the fourth innings of the first test and securing a comfortable draw against a potent Pakistan attack is much more than a win for a resurgent Bangladesh.


Pakistan have a lot to ponder over, their cricket is in disarray with senior players out of the equation and new players with nothing glamorous to offer, a downward slide only seems more extensive in the games to come. Azhar Ali the newly appointed ODI captain did deliver to his best but it wasn’t enough, surprisingly Pakistan Cricket always opts for the safety first approach and yet they are the most unpredictable cricket playing country in the world. Not going for an attacking captain and approach, they aim to bring stability but it’s coming at a string of losses with no clear redirection planned in the foreseeable future. Pakistan cricket has always been known for its aggressive approach, which yielded great dividends in the eighties and nineties, still the move towards “stability” is considered better for the future generations embarking heavily on the Misbah era.


Being a cricket lover and an avid Pakistan cricket fan, the nineties were the best years I could have grown up with, the current generation is losing faith over Pakistan cricket rapidly, the PCB better act quickly or they will be calling teams home after a long break amid empty stands.


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