FTC to investigate Apple on anti-competitive practices against accuser Spotify


Apple’s efforts to set up deals with record labels as it prepares to launch its new music streaming service, a rebranded version of Beats Music, is  under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, reported  Bloomberg, making FTC the 3rd government agency  to peek into the new music service after the U. S. Department of Justice and European Commission.

A Bloomberg report yesterday claims that the Department of Justice was investigating Apple on the grounds of anti-competitive practices with regards to the launching of its rebranded Beats music service streaming. The news provider says that the Apple is being investigated on the accusation that they are using its large iTunes mart to put  rival streaming music services such as Spotify at a distinct  disadvantage.

The Cupertino corporation has also reportedly  offered to pay YouTube’s licensing

fee to Universal Music Group if the music site will stop allowing its music to be viewed on

their website, which is a prevalent music video destination for today.

The FTC will engage a dialogue with multiple record labels about Apple’s practices.

However, executives of the music industry told Bloomberg that Apple has made no such


Likely, the DOJ will interview high-ranking music executives regarding the issue of Apple’s

practices. While the European Commission is doing the same, troubled that

Apple will make use of its size to influence record labels to stop supporting freemium music

Apple’s very own music streaming service will  launch at the end of June, but unlike other

streaming services, it will not free and will instead cost $7.99 monthly, and will be

integrating the iTunes for Mac and the music app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  There will

also be  apps for Apple TV and Android.


Last month, the company marketed iOS 8.4 beta to developers with a redesigned Music

apps that features a new MiniPlayer, redesigned look for “Now Playing”.




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