Reasons that lead to a change in perception on premarital sex and homosexuality, study

Acceptance of premarital sex is high along with an acceptance of homosexuality,  researchers found.

The researchers from San Diego University, Florida Atlantic University and Hunter College analyzed data from the General Social Survey, a nationwide representative survey of more than 33,000 U.S. adults engaged between 1972 and 2012. They discovered substantial generational shifts in attitudes toward non-marital sex and number of sexual partners.

It showed that people who believed  premarital sex was tolerable in the 1970s was only 29% , which went up to a fixed 42%  in 1980s  and  90s  until it climbed to 58%  by the year 2012.

Yet  just when millennial people or people born between 1982 –1999 are in accord of premarital sex, the survey discovered they actually had lesser number of sexual partners than the earlier generation born in 1946 to 81, who had  an average of 11 partners among any age group.

On the contrary, the millennium had an average of eight sexual partners even when they were less kept under control yet not as much as people from the Greatest Generation who were from the 1900s who  had an average of two sexual partners.

Jean Twenge said that Millennials are more accepting of premarital sex than any previous generation, thus have had fewer sexual partners. Twenge is a Professor of Psychology at San Diego State University and also the author of  “Generation Me”.

She added that broadmindedness could be due to fear of STDs, including HIV, or it could be because they choose ‘friends with benefits’ relationships over sex with different partners.

On the other hand, acceptance of homosexuality is increased at 44% in 2012 which is four times greater than in 1973 which is only 11%, where 51 % were women who agreed to it and 35% were men.

This was published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior

“Cultures change and people absorb the culture as children and adolescents, leading to generational differences,” Twenge said.




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