Depression and bipolar disorder posses the same cognitive disability, study

A novel study presented  that the effect is indisputably tangible, calculating that this condition falls into the category of disposition illnesses.

University of Michigan school of medicine and depression center researchers conducted a study about depression by analyzing 612 women.

More than 2/3 of the subjects experienced either bipolar disorder or mental  depression.

The depressed women  or those with bipolar disorder both performed poorly  on the test, which required continuous unrelenting concentration.

The test conducted required them to react promptly when certain letters were flashed fleetingly on a screen during a random sequence of other letters.

Associating the individual which has  no mental health conditions, the groups with either of the two diagnosis lagged conspicuously on this standard test of cognitive control.

The researchers found out on their brain scans, that women who were mentally  depressed or had bipolar disorder registered  different levels of activity as compared to healthy women in a certain location in the brain called the right posterior parietal cortex.

For persons with mental depression, this area had higher activity levels than in healthy individuals, while those with bipolar disorder it was identified as lower.

The specific area within the brain where the differences were “seen” supports in the control of  “executive function”, activities like reasoning,  problem solving and working memory.

“The results can transform the way doctors and patients think about, diagnose and treat depression,” said Kelly Ryan, a neuropsychologist and the lead author of the study.





  1. Dora Smith says

    I’m sorry, it’s been known for millenia that depression and bipolar disorder interfere with concentration, partly by affecting brain activity and brain chemistry.

    ???? What about this news is supposed to change how depression and bipolar disorder are treated. Are you claiming they have proven these two conditions aren’t real?

  2. says

    Those “brain activity” affecting your working memory and such is because of the crowded thoughts going on when you are depressed. Anyone going through depression would know that useless negative thoughts are always flying up there in the head leaving little to no room for proper concentration which causes the brain to be highly inefficient. You can’t do anything right and everything seems to spiral downward because your brain can’t function right. Those going through depression should not lose hope though. I was able to cure my depression so I am sure you can get through yours using whichever method you feel works best for you.

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