Global Herbivores Extinction rate increases from 2.8 % to 5.2 % at 2˚C post-industrial temperature rise, study

A study published in the journal Science concluded that extinction rates will accelerate with future global temperatures, endangering up to one in six species under current records. The author solution proposal is one that has been heard lately too many times to ignore: address climate change or more species will be wiped out.

The study declared that the global extinction risks rise from 2.8 percent to 5.2 percent at the international policy target of a 2˚C post-industrial rise, which most experts believe is no longer attainable.

Given a temperature increase of three degrees Celsius, the extinction rate rises to 8.5 per cent, while  4.3 degrees temperature increase will bring the percentage to 16, which entails that one in six species could disappear.

This is an outlook tells us that we are nearing the edge of climate change resistance and will soon begin to truly experience the consequences.

Researchers point out that as far back as 1981 scientists had predicted the beacon of global climate change would soon come to the forefront of our weather.

And here we are.

They said: “Thirty years later we are reaching a similar threshold for the effects of climate change on biodiversity. Extinction risks from climate change are expected not only to increase but to accelerate for every degree rise in global temperatures. The signal of climate change-induced extinctions will become increasingly apparent if we do not act now to limit future climate change.”

The author urges to address climate change so we may not be able to protect the species that are currently threatened.


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