Entire village in Nepal completely buried by mudslide from Himalaya’s trekking route

An entire village was wiped out of the face of the earth, located in a popular trekking route in Nepal’s Himalayan foothills. The quake triggered mudslide killing at least 60 people, with  rescuers digging through tons of earth to find probable survivors amid the rubble Tuesday.

60 bodies were recovered by local villagers and police in the Langtang Valley, in the days following the April 25 earthquake and subsequent mudslide, said Gautam Rimal,  Rasuwa district’s top government official.  9 of those recovered bodies were foreign persons.  Villagers say as much  as 200 people could have been killed by the killer quake.

The little village of Langtang, located in the Langtang Valley,  is a popular stopover for trekkers due to its scenic views of the Himalayas.  It is located  60 kilometers or 35 miles north of Kathmandu.

“The entire village was wiped out by the mudslide. There were 60 houses there, but they were all buried under rubble. It would be impossible to recover all the bodies,” Rimal said describing the incident.

Because of road blockage due to landslide, the village is about a two-day trek to the nearest town. While helicopters allow for easy access, they are in short supply because of ongoing aid missions across Nepal.

The escalating  death toll from the quake has reached over more than 7,500 already, making it  the worst earthquake to hit Nepal  in more than 80 years.

The search for buried mudslide victims comes a day after Nepal’s government declared for necessitating colossal international support for reconstruction efforts to begin in next few weeks.

As one of the poorest nations in the world, Nepal’s economy is crippled by the earthquake. As of the moment, there are no estimates yet on the cost of rebuilding  this beleaguered nation, but for sure, it will be enormously expensive.

“In two to three weeks a serious reconstruction package needs to be developed, where we’ll need enormous help from the international community.  There’s a huge funding gap,” stated Minendra Rijal, Information Minister on Monday

One day soon, the nation will swing away from rescue struggles and gear towards a  long-term relief and reconstruction schemes, he added.




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