Buster the Dummy, will try to eject from SpaceX’s Dragon on Wednesday

A life-saving new system for astronauts in an event of a launch failure is being developed for the Falcon 9 rocket. SpaceX and NASA are mere days away from the capsule’s  crucial testing.

Already strapped into his seat, Buster the Dummy is awaiting take-off, slated for May 6, Wednesday, aboard the test vehicle SpaceX Crew Dragon called the Pad Abort Test. It will be launched from a platform at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida at 7 AM EDT.

The test is vital for the opportune development of the human rated Dragon which  NASA is depending on to convey astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) to diminish their reliance on the rockets of Russia.

The dragon will re-establish the US competency to blast off astronauts from US bases to the ISS probably as early as 2017.

The crucial component of NASA’s next generation of manned spacecraft is the distinct capability to abort from a launch or pad emergency and securely transport crew members.

Hans Koenigsmann, the SpaceX VP of Mission Assurance said the pad abort is going to reveal that SpaceX has been able to develop an innovative system for the security of the astronauts. The test will display its working mechanism. He mentioned that it will be their first major test on the Crew Dragon pad abort.

NASA’s partner manager for SpaceX, Jon Cowart  said, “No matter what happens on test day, SpaceX is going to learn a lot. One test is worth a thousand good analysis.”

Source:  http://wtexas.com/content/15052888-spacex-test-crew-capsule-escape-system



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