Ipad may have already met its match in the form of Microsoft Surface 3

A Microsoft  Windows option to the much famed Ipad, which has never quite made it big, despite an influx of convertible laptops that deliver Microsoft Office, is on the market and is making Apple a run for their money.

The Microsoft Surface 3 features a keyboard, though does not have an unusual swivel mechanism that closes with a vicious ‘SNAP’, like it might take your finger off, it does instead,  clipped on with magnets.

Its most important feature, it’s £420 prize, is not really that far off the price compared to that of an iPad for a gizmo that can do one thing no tablet can, help you get to actually work.

Amidst derision from Apple aficionados, Microsoft’s Surface tablets made their first appearance 3 years past, and they have discreetly progressed into a successful product, worth billions yearly.

Business travelers are the target market of Surface 3 products, whose money, gadget companies aspires to tap.

In terms of money, it’s a bargain, with a couple of extras, like a magnetic clip-on keyboard (priced at £70) and a stylus (priced at £45).

It is 1,000 times more useful than any tablet, armed with tedious necessities like Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, bundled with the tablet as a year’s subscription to Microsoft Office 365.

The Surface 3 is being obliquely promoted to colleges and schools.  And for parents looking a practical computing device for their precious children, it is the perfect gadget.

It’s fun, but not THAT fun.

The screen has visibly sharper resolution than previous Surfaces, but Microsoft has left in the bulky, but expedient features of earlier models, like  a full-size USB port, wherein a normal PC mouse can be plugged in.

Personally, I will doubtless spend an extra £200 for the Surface 3 Pro, but no way will I buy this for an energetic youth who may well spill their drinks on it anytime.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/event/article-3062427/Apple-iPad-addicts-tablet-finally-met-match.html



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