Party Time Over: New York is Putting More Teeth in it’s Liquor Ban for those who are under Twenty One

Minors were able to buy alcohol at more than half of the hundreds of drugstores, grocery stores, and liquor stores in New York City. Officials announced on Sunday that the State Liquor Authority targeted in a secret investigation last year.

As part of the investigation, purchasers visited 911 stores in the city between April and September; around 10% of the city stores have alcohol authorizations. The city’s health department said that they were able to purchase alcohol at 58% of the dealers.

Dr. Mary T. Bassett, a health official, stated that the department would by any means reduce underage alcohol drinking. A letter was sent on Monday, reminding all stores that are selling alcohol to check identification and to ensure that the workers are well trained so that they can avoid marketing to people younger than 21. In addition, the department translated the Liquor Authority’s handbook for shops Arabic and Chinese, which are the most demanded languages.

The department stated that it would also sponsor training for shops in the following few months and help them with things such as knowing false identification.

A store will be fined $2,500 if it sells alcohol to a minor for a first-time offense. However, if the violations are being repeated,  license deferments and cancellations will be sanctioned against the erring store and the fine will go up to $10,000.

The Liquor Authority’s investigation was funded with the approval from the health department.



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